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Here are a few of the benefits of using the Olivyea Method...

Overcome Your Oldest Fears for Good

I will train you to eradicate your ego attachments to specific fears permanently, so that you can default to Love rather than fear. You will learn processes that let you rewire your own brain and become more and more ego free. How great would it be to be automatically present in your daily life? Your natural self (your innocent self) is still at the heart of you. You can reclaim it again, one facet at a time! It works. It’s efficient. It’s obvious when it works. And you can fully understand why and how it works. With a powerful tool like this, you are in charge of your awakening.

Become the Sage or Shaman in the Room

Learn the three perspectives that let you see world issues inter-dimensionally! Want to deeply understand ANYTHING? It is always refreshing when someone brings a new perspective that no one has thought of before—cleverly or skillfully delivered—especially if that perspective transmutes the energy in a room. Stop looking at things from just 3D and 4D vantage points (the level of the egoic mind) and open yourself up to the great architypes of human experience. Witness the underlying motivations and deeply hidden truths in any situation, so that you can speak on a level that is dynamic and elevates the conversation. You can be a voice that gives people a chance to stop and rethink emotionally complex topics from enlightening angles they’ve never considered before. Have better conversations while making a difference.

Understand Yourself, Forgive Yourself, Love Yourself

Welcome home to the compassionate haven of fully seeing YOU. Want to dissolve long-standing judgements against yourself and find relief where there has been self-disappointment or embarrassment? Want to become precious to yourself and think more kindly towards yourself? These are things the tools I’ve developed can offer you. There are certain defenses of the mind that are so strong, it is like navigating a never ending fog. I have spent much of my life feeling blocked and I know what you are going through. I have charted many paths out of the shadows of self-doubt and distrust—out of guilt, regret, the grief of failure and the loss of self-worth. You are not alone and there is a way out. For every shadow thought, there is a light expression that dispels that darkness permanently. I will teach you how to recognize and obliterate these pervasive negative patterns by giving you an array of powerful trauma-reversing, ego-blasting tools. You deserve to feel your defenses dissolve– to rediscover self-trust and for your vivacious, life energy to flow freely again.

Creative Expression Explosion

It’s time to clear your channel of divine creative expression. Seeing 5th and 6th dimensionally not only helps clear creative blocks from the root, but it also lifts your mind out of the doldrums of the ordinary, giving you dreamscape vision of what is happening in your life and in the world around you. You will see sweeping parallels between seemingly unrelated events and experiences, finding the threads of emotion that powerfully link them over space and time. You will soar into the heavens and descend into the shadows and witness the epic archetypal struggles and triumphs that overarch and transcend the human experience…all while eating your breakfast cereal. You will find food for comedy, drama, poetry, story-telling, art, movement and music just waiting here at the edges of thought. The possibilities and material to work with are literally infinite.

Resolve Relationship Struggles Effortlessly

Conflicts in the 3rd dimension require the clash of will against will and the primitive efforts of persuasion and manipulation. Seeing things from a higher perspective changes everything. Are certain frustrating or hurtful patterns on repeat in your relationships with a partner, a coworker, family member or friend—how about with your kids? If you can think from 5D and 6D vantage points, you can get on a new track in your relationships without having to convince or persuade the other person to see your point of view. When you fully shift your energy from conflict to peace (in an authentic transformational way) you get to see and interact with a different version of the people around you and they get to be with the greatest, most Christ-like version of you. Create peace within and watch it manifest around you. Are you up for the challenge of doing relationships in a new way?

Other ways to work with Olivyea:

Oracle Card Readings

Olivyea works with the energies of the birds, which carry a very high vibration and can set you on your highest path by reminding you of what you have forgotten. These are clear as a bell, messages from your Divine self, both timely and poignant and guaranteed to put your thoughts in alignment with the highest Love in this moment.

Conscious Parenting Method

What is your kid’s behavior really showing you? Learn to use Extended Body Consciousness to radically enhance your parenting style. Go from primitive to conscious and watch the amazing results. End the power struggles, take out the effort and ditch emotional manipulation. Let your child become the guru and open your eyes to Oneness through this powerful relationship.

Creatorship Sessions

  • Attitudes of humility and trust
  • Discover your role in the creation (manifestation) of your life experience
  • Develop an interactive mindscape for navigating 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Dimensions
  • Understanding masculine and feminine postures in creatorship and the importance of mastering your attention

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