Outer Space AQUASuch sweetness in sleeping in the arms of my beloved soul. Great spirit of gentle kindness enfolds me… at one…at peace. Too amazed to think to make a request, I come along willingly, heart, eyes and ears wide open…sleeping. Dreaming, but not asleep…deeply awake, I sail along. She imparts a profound lesson of such importance, I am deeply grateful as I dream—how could I ever forget this…I have thought this before…but for the moment, so amazed at such clarity. Towards the end of our journey…as a parting gift to bring this benevolent being’s teaching to a close, visions…visions of abundance in vibrant color…I am surrounded by faintest images, overlapping and unclear…I am in a tropical forest and there is blue sky…I am inside of the iridescent bubble, its shifting hues apparent…outside the bubble, such abundance. And knowing at once what I am seeing…it is Truth…I drink it in. I laugh in my sleep…I giggle at this kindness, with such simple joy, which is not interrupted as I slip in and out of sleep. My eyes open and then close again…slip into the teaching to glimpse again the clarity, then out again for a wash of colorful abundant outdoors cheering with delight and back again to my bedroom. Such love. Such kindness. What grace, to be caressed and held in the arms of my great soul. I finally think to ask, “who are you?” The reply? “I am you.” And then a series of images flash…I see mentally…someone…who then disappears with such abruptness, I open my eyes alarmed that simultaneously I am, yet I am not. I smile at the shocking reality of all that is and nothingness so closely embedded into one another. I awake. 12/6/14

After thought…I got up with O Nata Lux (Lauridsen) playing in my mind. Hoping to hang onto the soothing vibration of the experience as long as possible, I soon made my way to my computer and listened to that piece of music while writing this out. I am AMAZED to feel so loved and welcome by a great Spirit, which is my own soul.