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How the Olivyea Method Works

In my work, the “ego” is defined as a collection of binding emotional choices that a person has made in times of fear or stress. These emotional decisions then get confused as a person’s actual identity, i.e. “who I am”. This is how people become defined by their experiences and lose their ability to choose how to feel in life, because many of their available options are hidden to them. For example, someone experiencing grief might decide never to feel the vulnerability of love again, not realizing that their present intensity of emotion makes this decision permanent. Years and years later, they may wonder why they feel numb in their relationships and cannot feel the elation of love. The dilemma becomes: once I realize I am ready to feel love again, how do I turn the emotion of love back on? How do you recreate the conditions necessary to make a new binding emotional choice–one that is permanent?

I have received overwhelming guidance to successfully reverse many kinds of trauma from mild to severe in my own life. The key to unraveling the ego has to do with the alignment of our masculine and feminine energies, which are often severed when we experience fear. The ego’s attempt to avoid all forms of pain blocks our masculine energy–the masculine is the truth–the reality of our experience, which includes our feelings about a situation. To dull our pain, our feminine energy (our attention) must be averted away from this truth. We numb our emotions and develop avoidance tactics to keep from facing our fears head on. With masculine and feminine severed within us, our divine channel is blocked. This blockage is what I call the shadow. It is an area in our life and in our personality where we can’t see our true motives or be objective about the actions we are taking. We are not fully standing in the integrity of Love and at a deep level, this makes us very unhappy. The misaligned areas within ourselves are often calling out for our attention through the triggers we experience in our daily life.  Because of these clues, you usually do not need to revisit traumatic memories in order to heal them. You can learn to recognize the little baby-ripples of those events in your everyday life–seemingly unrelated, less intense situations, and use them to fully reverse the trauma. So we won’t be talking on and on about your issues–that is not how this works!

With the guidance that has come to me, I have developed powerfully affective tools that turn your feminine attention around to face your masculine truth. It is sometimes embarrassing for the ego to see its true motivations–but often times it is quite humorous and even endearing. When divine compassion opens within us, there is nothing to hide or be ashamed of and the shadows transmute into light before our very eyes and the egoic pattern is dispelled forever–leaving us naturally and effortlessly present in what was once an area of struggle. This higher vibration becomes your new normal. This process is repeated again and again for different fears.

In a session with me you are fully conscious and in command of your rational mind; this is not hypnotherapy. I will ask you questions and you will answer them. As you follow my lead, you will naturally begin thinking at a higher dimensional level–it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. It simply requires getting off of the ego’s track of ingrained thought patterns, while specifically directing the mind. I will help you to do this and to stay focused until you feel your energies shift and the shadow being transmuted.

The unique thing about my sessions is that there are specific steps we will follow that you can learn to repeat on your own once you become familiar with it. Because of this, you are not just having a session to help you to permanently elevate your emotional and energetic status, you are also receiving training to use these ground-breaking, life-changing skills on your own.

Believe it or not, nearly everything that I know and now teach has been revealed to me through the method I will teach you. These are my hard earned secrets and I am passing them on to you. I have spent years refining and perfecting it to deliver to you the most efficient version of it. My method dissolves judgments and transmutes fear, which opens your eyes to everything you need to fulfill your divine purpose and live your best life. And you will find along the way that everything is conspiring to help you, even though speaking the language of the Universe can be extremely challenging at times. I cannot think of a single more important endeavor than the one you are about to embark upon, as this will change your world and could very quickly change our world as well.

Rediscovery in Frame, Text

Life has given you specific clues to follow  that show you entry points to elevating your experience from ego-driven to fully conscious. With little skill, you can recognize these clues and begin to apply the steps that I will show you. The key to this process is focus and trust. So I highly recommend at least 4 sessions with me before attempting to do this on your own. 8 sessions is even better, as there is a lot of wisdom that goes with this work that I wish to impart to you. It is so worth it for you to experience success again and again, so that you become confident and excited with the results. This will really give you the incentive and determination to take the time and continue this on your own, if you choose to use the process outside of the sessions.

A session is generally 1 hour to an hour and a half. Once you become skilled at using my method, it can take 20 minutes to an hour or more. Or if you are working with a deeply rooted fear, you may come back to it again and again over the course of several days. You will become more and more attuned to the energies in your body and will definitely notice a difference when a fear is gone for good. You may notice it most keenly in the morning upon waking–a time when many of us experience a rush of subtle fears. You will notice that certain negative emotions are gone. In situations where before you felt anxiety, stress, worry, dread, anger or hurt, you will be amazed at the open space within you and find that you are automatically present rather than locked up in thought. You will also find yourself approaching solutions in ways you couldn’t have imagined before. You will not necessarily experience the release of every fearful emotion simultaneously but you could  Progress is generally slow and steady, but it is not uncommon to break into an awakened level of love and knowing during a session, that blots out all lower emotional frequencies for hours, days or weeks after the session. This work is in the hands of the Divine, so I don’t want to limit it. I just want to prepare you to be open to miracles while being committed to skillfully rewiring your brain and reclaiming your mind from its egoic patterns.

If you feel excited while reading this, then you are most likely being led to experience this level in breakthrough in your own life. Contact me and let me know in what ways you’d like to experience greater power to change. We can talk and go from there.  I look forward to hearing from you. ~ Olivyea