My Own Voice (sm file)Dear Friends!

I just wanted to let you know that I am going to start putting my teachings into visual form for my clients and whoever else wants greater clarity on how the mind works, the way our conditioning is structured and what is required for us to reclaim our natural authority.

I imagine that at this point there are lots of concepts you’ve heard from me as well as from other teachers and that only a few may be becoming concrete little by little. That’s because awakening is a massive paradigm shift. It means that all of our values, perspectives and even the way that we communicate about life is being reinterpreted. In this endeavor, we use very little of the mind’s actual capacity for change if we focus only on words, when this information can be transmitted in many other forms–with movement, for example, as demonstrated in Tai Chi. But because the mind uses images to lock in its conditioning (which is why the media and visual entertainment are its most powerful allies) what we really need in order to enforce this paradigm shift is to envision greater versions of ourselves and of our society.

I am gaining an ever deeper clarity on what my role is on this planet and how my gifts and abilities equip me to to do the work I am passionately committed to. Growing up, when research projects came along– especially group projects, I would always pick the artistic elements for my part and let others do the researching, organizing, calculating, etc. Because art is easy for me and I love it, I came to view myself as either less intelligent or as a slacker who avoids challenge. I was conditioned to believe that life is supposed to be a struggle and that those who take the easy route are childish and unrealistic. No one ever told me that it could very well be my purpose and not just a fun thing I like to do.

I am very grateful that at this time, the Universe is making clear to me the great value of my gift–far beyond just painting pretty pictures. If words are intelligent enough to convey an abstract concept, consider the great intelligence of an image which conveys multiple interwoven concepts simultaneously! I am welcoming the challenge of discovering how to let my artistic abilities become a channel for a level of communication that would actually be satisfying to me. Too many words can be cumbersome and overwhelming, especially when learning or teaching something new. Wouldn’t you agree?

I am excited! I just wanted to share this with you and let you know what my intention is, so that we can expect good things together. I look forward to sharing my first teaching through images in the near future; letting nature take the lead as the earth supplies so many fabulous analogies…our teachers are all around us!

~ Danielle

p.s. To see my art in person, go to Prima Bistro in downtown Langley, WA through the end of December 2014