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How strong is your desire to

clearly see beyond the limits of the ego mind?

Enter the dawning paradigm of higher emotional intelligence and OneSelf awareness!

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  • Know what makes your mind and emotions tick
  • Tame your ego, Rewire your brain
  • Overcome your oldest fears for good
  • Understand yourself, Forgive yourself, Love yourself
  • Reclaim your innocence, Reverse trauma
  • Default to Love rather than fear


  • Tap into your higher intelligence skillfully
  • Become the sage or shaman in the room
  • Diffuse emotionally complex world issues
  • Harmonize relationship struggles effortlessly
  • Open an infinite dreamscape cornucopia of creative inspiration
  • Learn and speak the language of the Universe

Creatorship & Natural Self Integration

  • ~ Let your mind know itself as an extension of nature so that it can begin to self-correct
  • ~ Understand Masculine & Feminine postures as the core expressions in consciousness
  • ~ Utilize the predator / prey lens to understand power dynamics in all relationships
  • ~ See your role in creatorship (manifestation) from 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D perspectives
  • ~ Create an interactive, inter-dimensional mindscape. . .for clarity and for fun!
  • ~ Learn humility as the fastest route out of ego–into peace, surrender and receptivity
  • ~ Think like a Creator, partner with God, become available, become useful
  • ~ Break down your barriers to experiencing Oneness and let Love in

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