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Who Should Work With Me?

  1. If you sense that you were meant to lead a magical life, but don’t know how to authenticate your intuition, then you should work with me. What you need is experiential understanding. That’s right. It is an accumulation of actual experiences where the Divine intersects your world to show you that this is real, so that you can begin to take yourself and your awakening seriously.
  2. If you’re feeling half “awake” but seem to have stalemated somewhere along the path, then you should work with me. Perhaps you’ve got enough experience to know that this is real and to be excited about it, but haven’t developed the skills or understanding to live in your authority and claim your Divine qualities. What you need is to learn how to deeply surrender so that you can merge with (become one with) the Divine in you, access this higher intention and operate from there. Working with me will help you to go straight for the highest level of integration.
  3. If you are a seasoned spiritual being, hoping to rekindle the excitement and fascination you once had, then you should work with me. What you need is to awaken as Divine, losing all sense of separation. The Divine intention from the beginning has been to inhabit its own creation. If you’re feeling like you’ve seen and done it all but still believe you’re YOU, it’s time for a Divine take over like none other, beyond anything you’ve ever permitted yourself to claim.  There is no limit to what the Divine may do through you.

Come home to your true self!

Oracle . Intuitive Healer . Awakening Coach

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