“Olivyea’s sessions are delicious. They are directed towards the heart. I can feel the support of the divine, each time i enter into the space that she welcomes. Its wonderful to be in a session where i am viewed and supported as a main contributor to the process of healing and transformation. It awakens my inner self to serve the space of transformation. I trust in Olivyea’s guidance–her soft and deeply intuitive presence. She asks questions that engage my whole being to slow down and listen to what the divine might want me to know. This supportive environment gives me a place to channel my focus and desire for renewal. The gratitude I have for this community and support is beyond words. I come in from Seattle for Olivyea’s sessions. Its worth the trip to be in her presence and see what miracles unfold.”

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“Olivyea weaves a sacred web, connecting the mind and resistance of beliefs based in trauma with the emotion of it in the body. Her work allowed easy vulnerability and very specific discovery of core patterns that were no longer serving me.  It was a beautiful, mental, visceral and heart based experience, held in compassion, focus and safety.
So grateful for her and her gifts of seeking and discovery of what is holding us back in our mistaken beliefs, that are ready to shift into something more evolved and true to us now.”
— Janice Laursen LMP Reiki Practitioner
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Olivyea has a knack for helping to uncover the hidden parts of a person that keep them stuck. After just one session, I was able to see a person who I had historically had conflict with, in a new way. Olivyea showed me how I could be in control of my reactiveness. Thankfully, it was effortless in comparison to the ways I was trying to control myself before. She really has a gift. I’d highly recommend that you do a session with her and feel the difference.”
–Ashley Clift Jennings, Founder at Girlmade
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“Working with Olivyea was a wonderful surprise for me. I felt instantly safe and comfortable to share my vulnerability with her. In our work together she took a belief I held and completely turned it on its head. She helped me to see my strength and to find permission in myself to shine my inner warrior!”
–Kari Geddes, Los Angeles, CA

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“I recommend Olivyea for helping you identify triggers in your life and guiding you through the process of transforming them into strengths. She helps you to look at judgments and flip them around – which lessens the grip of underlying fears. She’s amazing.”

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“This Spiritual Creature got me to open up and realize some things about myself that I never knew.  Bring it on Sister!!”


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