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Satsang – Freedom Session


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* Spend an hour in the gentle, clarifying presence of Love

* Tell the truth and see through the hurtful games you are playing on yourself

* Let addictive patterns guide you to the freedom you are seeking

* Radically own your experience in relationships and take your power back

* Discover your own reservoir of peace; learn to reside there

* Reclaim what is rightfully yours: self-love, freedom, confidence, independence, motivation, clarity, creativity and connection to the whole

* Know your Truth by direct experience of what is unchanging in you

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Product Description

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1 SESSION: One 1 Hour Session by phone or in person

I will e-mail you to schedule our first session.

Instructions: This purchase is for a one time or continuous sessions with Danielle. Place your order and wait for her email to schedule your appointment.

About Satsang – Freedom Sessions

The weight of painful and harmful patterns and addictions can feel like you’re drowning in molasses. You may look around at other people living “normal” lives and doing the “right things”, having their successful relationships or careers and wonder how on earth they are doing it and what is wrong with you. I want to demystify the healing/awakening process for you, by helping you to cut straight to the truth of your freedom, exposing the choice you are being presented in every moment and exposing the will within you to make that new choice. It’s not what you may think. More than likely, you will find the pathway out of your stuck place to be counter intuitive.

I will show you that everything is here to help you, even your addictive patterns. They are, in fact, the keys to your awakening. I will show you that you are already taking action on your own behalf and expressing your truth, but that a judging voice is twisting everything around, making you feel ashamed, when you should be proud. I will help to shine a light on that which is already FREE in you, and help you to embrace it in a way you never dreamed was possible. Take heart, Love, your freedom is not far off (it is surrounding you). I will help you find your way home to YOU.

About the True You

The True Self is stress, worry and drama free!   It is a gushing resource for creative inspiration and intuitive guidance.  When we align with our truth we are spontaneous and receptive. We allow, rather than resist our emotions– letting them flow through us, so we don’t get stuck.  We are bold, while gentle—not intimidated by the egos of other people. We naturally have a sense of connectedness with nature and with the people around us.  We feel expansive and are able to let joy and love billow to greater capacities, rather than keeping it “in perspective” as is our culture’s conditioning.  We recognize what we want; and figuring out how to get from point A to point B can be as simple as choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream from one moment to the next.  There’s nothing better than the true you!

Every person is unique. We each play a vital role in supplying what this world needs to heal and to really thrive. I cannot wait to see you emerge as the greatest expression of all of the treasures that you possess within.


When we change, the world changes with us!

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