Manifestation Series

Manifestation Series (24 Sessions)



During these twenty-four 90 minute sessions, you can expect to

* Permanently and effortlessly raise your vibration (level of peace, self-love, excitement for life, freedom, creative flow, self-expression, direction, etc.)

* Repeatedly witness how life around you shifts as you embody greater and greater versions of yourself

* Learn to utilize simple, powerful emotional healing techniques on your own

* Learn to identify and dissolve negative beliefs while discovering/embracing your truth

*Discover the power of setting up liberating contexts that are conducive to healing and aligning with your truth.

* Learn what to speak to the ego (fear-based mind) to get it to take a back seat, so that you can maintain your alignment.

* Join me on a healing journey like no other

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Product Description

24 SESSIONS: by phone or Skype, bi-weekly or weekly

* Twenty-four 90 Minute Sessions ($125/session)

Danielle will e-mail or call you to schedule sessions.

What is a negative pattern?
A negative pattern is a series of events in a person’s life that repeatedly bring up the same uncomfortable or painful emotions. The pattern may repeat across ancestral lines, spread out over the course of a lifetime or may appear so frequently that it is unrecognized as a pattern at all. Patterns can be big and important or seemingly insignificant. They can also be hard to spot. For example: if in one day, your child spills water on your report, you spill coffee on your freshly ironed blouse and your boss spills the beans and steals your thunder. Even seemingly unrelated events can be signaling you that a particular energy you have been tolerating is blocking the true light of your soul and must be addressed so that your path can be illuminated.

Who is the Manifestation Series for?
The Manifestation Series is for you if you are excited to discover your connection to everything around you through first hand experience.  You will witness the loving organization of daily events in your life as the oracles (messages) they reveal provide almost play by play instructions for navigating your life in alignment with your truth (which is your highest joy).   Are you done tolerating painful and exhausting patterns in relationships, in business or other areas? The techniques I will teach you will empower you to reclaim authority and manifest patterns that are yummy instead! As you release what does not serve you, you will find yourself becoming more and more of who you always wanted to be and begin attracting more and more of the kinds of people and experiences that make you feel at home in your world.

My Methods
In my work, we do not spend an extensive amount of time discussing issues, because it is simply not very effective.  Instead, we pan out to see the big picture, globally and historically, to create a liberating context that jumpstarts your emotional healing. We may use imagination, story telling or play word games that apply the mind’s own strategies to expose the powerful, awakened self, that you already are. Self-judgment is flopped on its head: What were previously viewed as negative or even hopeless traits magically morph into treasures of such value that your heart will skip a beat. You will see again and again that you already possess everything you need within you to be happy, create healthy boundaries and pursue what you love and that nothing is wrong with you!

My Role
Our minds are vast storehouses of millions of thoughts. When it comes to isolating the thoughts that are key to opening the way for our joyous selves to emerge, unraveling the knot can be daunting, confusing and downright impenetrable. My role as an oracle is to interpret the stories you are weaving around you to guide you to the particular thing that is ready to be released right now. I intuit the message that is coming through and sit with you as your shift begins to happen.  I also play the important role of setting up a liberating and empowering context for your healing process to avoid the mental pitfalls that sabotage this kind of work. I have sometimes thought of myself as a spiritual midwife, guiding and assisting the process as you give birth to a greater version of yourself.  It is both natural and miraculous all at the same time.

The Results
Each session results in a breakthrough to more of the true you. As the message is received and does it’s magic, you will observe in real time how life around you reflects the changes you have made within. When you change, the world changes with you. Most importantly, you will suddenly find yourself making new empowered choices that reflect your truth.

About the True You

The True Self is stress, worry and drama free!   It is a gushing resource for creative inspiration and intuitive guidance.  When we align with our truth we are spontaneous and receptive. We allow, rather than resist our emotions– letting them flow through us, so we don’t get stuck.  We are bold, while gentle—not intimidated by the egos of other people. We naturally have a sense of connectedness with nature and with the people around us.  We feel expansive and are able to let joy and love billow to greater capacities, rather than keeping it “in perspective” as is our culture’s conditioning.  We recognize what we want; and figuring out how to get from point A to point B can be as simple as choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream from one moment to the next.  There’s nothing better than the true you!

Every person is unique. We each play a vital role in supplying what this world needs to heal and to really thrive. I cannot wait to see you emerge as the greatest expression of all of the treasures that you possess within.


When we change, the world changes with us!


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