Infinite Self Sessions



* A playful new way of perceiving reality
* Witness your wholeness and Oneness with all things
* Embody the Higher Self effortlessly
* On-the-go tools for conscious, meditative and expansive living
* Approach day to day life situations, relationships and decisions in a whole new way

Olivyea has developed a uniquely simple, interactive visualization for navigating all of life’s experiences consciously. In this one-on-one session, she guides you to step outside of the ego’s understanding and see from the perspective of timelessness. This simple modality lets you to assume a harmonizing role in your own life, as the one unchanging Presence (Love) which stands outside of all perceptions and is free.

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45 MINUTE SESSION: by phone, Skype or in person

I will e-mail you to schedule our first session.

Instructions: This purchase is for one time or continuous sessions. Place your order and wait for my email to schedule your appointment or contact me directly at: Lightnessofheart@gmail.com



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