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Oracle Series (Four Sessions)



During these four 1-1.5 hour sessions, you can expect to

* Permanently alter a negative pattern in your life where progress feels overwhelming or even impossible

* Greatly reduce your negative emotional responses to a persistent situation that has become unavoidably painful

* Open up a whole array of new empowering options as you approach situations that have been stuck in frustration

* Profoundly breakthrough: expanded self-awareness, self-love, freedom, creativity, boldness, direction and/or motivation in one or more areas of your life

* Embody a greater version of yourself through surrender to the Divine in you

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Product Description

4 SESSIONS: by phone or Skype, bi-weekly or weekly

* Four 1-1.5 Hour Sessions ($145/session)

I will e-mail you to schedule sessions.

Who are Oracle Sessions for?
Oracle Sessions are for you if you are done tolerating painful and exhausting patterns in your life that do not reflect your highest joy.  Why carry around wounds from your past, compounded by energies that have been passed down through centuries of human suffering? By saying yes to this series of oracle sessions you say yes to a greater version of yourself. You are also saying yes to becoming the living, breathing remedy to negative energetic patterns that have plagued humanity for ages; as a light that shines wherever you go, simply by being there.

Each session results in a breakthrough to more of the true you. You will suddenly find yourself making new empowered choices that reflect your truth.

About the True You

The True Self is stress, worry and drama free!   It is a gushing resource for creative inspiration and intuitive guidance.  When we align with our truth we are spontaneous and receptive. We allow, rather than resist our emotions– letting them flow through us, so we don’t get stuck.  We are bold, while gentle—not intimidated by the egos of other people. We naturally have a sense of connectedness with nature and with the people around us.  We feel expansive and are able to let joy and love billow to greater capacities, rather than keeping it “in perspective” as is our culture’s conditioning.  We recognize what we want; and figuring out how to get from point A to point B can be as simple as choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream from one moment to the next.  There’s nothing better than the true you!

Every person is unique. We each play a vital role in supplying what this world needs to heal and to really thrive. I cannot wait to see you emerge as the greatest expression of all of the treasures that you possess within.


When we change, the world changes with us!


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