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  • Learn the science behind manifestation (creation) from 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th dimensional perspectives
  • Recognize both masculine and feminine energy postures and how these define your experience
  • Converse with your physical world (extended body): transmuting positive & negative triggers into timely guidance and vibrational ascension
  • On the go tools for conscious navigation of day to day life situations
  • One on one assistance and training in avoiding common ego games and spiritual pitfalls
  • Direct your own course through this training as you follow your excitement and read manifested clues

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1 ON 1 SESSION: 1.5 Hours by phone, Skype or in person

INSTRUCTIONS: This purchase is for one time or continuous sessions. Place your order and wait for my email to schedule your appointment or contact me directly at:

Creatorship & Extended Body Consciousness Training

In these sessions, I hold nothing back. The information and tools that I will pass on to you are the very ones that brought me to a level of understanding and clarity that was satisfying at last; without which I would not be properly equipped to teach anyone on these matters. All of my insights and breakthroughs have come through the modalities that I will teach you. 7 years of tireless practice, research and personal evolution have paved the way for you to receive this high level of guidance, made simple and applicable.

We will start where you are most excited or follow clues from events in your physical world (your extended body) which is your currently manifested reality. These daily events show us where Spirit is ready to expand in you consciously right now, to put you on the path (or timeline) of your most fulfilling life creation.

You will learn how Higher Self and personality self work together to navigate your full transition into conscious creator, so that you do not feel you are “working” your way there. Rather you will learn how to toggle between fully present, awakened Self—released from temporal attachment, then follow the guidance that flows through that channel to mentally engage in applying what you’ve learned. I will also guide you to avoid ego taking over the entire process, which it wants to do, ha! But not to worry, there is only grace when you see things from the level of creatorship.

There is a lot to cover and we will move at a pace that feels good to you, so the longer you stick with me over time, the more I will be able to share with you and make it practically applicable to you through practice, observation and clarification.

PRICING: 1 session/$150 each

4 sessions/$145/ each (save $20)
8 sessions/$135/ each (save $120)
12 sessions/ $125 each (save $300)
24 sessions/ $115 each (save $840)

While one session can yield amazing results and evidence of your connection to the extended body of your manifested world, I highly recommend no less than 4 sessions to fully engage your feminine energy as you open the channel of Divine creation; but also for the sake of your own understanding and the development of new mental habits befitting the creator that you are.

If there is an area of your life where you would like to manifest a new energetic pattern in relationships or unfolding of events, 4 or more sessions may be required. But if you would like to fully commit to your role as creator and witness your connection to all that surrounds you, 12-24 sessions will really rock your world, since it takes a little time to build up the momentum of manifestations surrounding your new energetic choices, and the Universe always responds!

Why is this important?

Read my article on how this work helps us enter a new era of human consciousness:  ABOUT CREATORSHIP TRAINING


If you have questions or would like to discuss these options before proceeding, please contact me by email, where we can also arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation.






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