Butterfly Visioning Technique


Two Private Sessions

A powerful, experiential, visceral and mind engaging technique that initiates a transformative Divine encounter where you are given, the opportunity and assistance you need to surrender to a Divine take over of your Being*, glimpsing that glorious Butterfly you have been all along, emerging from the inside out.

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Product Description


* One on One   *  60 Minute Session/$110 each  *  by Phone or Skype

Please e-mail Danielle to set up dates and times for these sessions  *

PHASE 1 (1st Session)

* Printable PDF instructions & worksheet (free)

* One on one intuitive guidance and assistance as you capture the full vision of your Butterfly Self (your Divine Self)

* Your Butterfly Vision.  This is an energetic snapshot of the Divine as you, which includes and exploration into ways this will be expressed in various areas of your life, so that you can begin to imagine and expand this Divine expression into your physical world as well.

*Your Caterpillar Self.  This is an energetic snapshot of the Ego as expressed in you. This will clear distinction between Caterpillar and Butterfly selves will aid your awakening process, enabling you to distinctly choose as you surrender to the Divine in you day by day.

PHASE 2 (2nd Session)

* The Three Rules instructions & explanation

* Opportunity for one on one Q&A about how The Three Rules work to enhance your understanding and engagement in the process.

* Guided application of The Three Rules.  You will get to learn the mechanics of surrender!   This is an experiential and visceral process, which will organically begin to reveal your personal script for initiating Divine take over! The result is a holistic integration of intellectual grasping and bodily sensing in the process of surrender. This essential combination will develop in you the ability focus as you initiate this exchange in your own spiritual practice.

* Intuitive assistance with shifting more fully into your true way of being (the Divine as YOU). Benefit from the many years I dedicated to developing powerful “tricks” and tools to open doorways within the mind, out into the realm of Divine freedom & authority.

* I am here as my Divine Self to hold space for you, embodying for you the frequency of the fulfillment of your awakening. In other words, you get to borrow my faith for the duration of this session, and be empowered to go further than you have allowed yourself to go in the past. Yahoo! And it doesn’t matter if you surpass me. . . by all means! I am not standing in anybody’s way. There is no logical hierarchy of advancement once we enter the realm of the Divine. I am just as excited about the possibilities as you are!

* IMPORTANT! While I may use the phrase “Divine take over”, let me assure you that there is very little about this process that is involuntary, in fact any Divine encounter you experience, your higher self is supplying to you. This technique is under the government of your own authority as expressed through your clear intention and degree of surrender, which you may withdraw and realign with at any point during the process.

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