My Vision

My purpose is ultimately to help usher in a new era of miracles in our world. I see the blossoming of the feminine energy as the major player in leading this inevitable revolution and that the merging of feminine and masculine energies will empower both women and men in this role.

My mission is to dramatically strengthen the authority and confidence of healers, channels, teachers and creators who are ready and excited to take it to the next level, through surrender to and radical identification with their Divine qualities. And to create opportunities for those still sitting on the fence (spiritually speaking) to have real encounters with the Divine in them—making the most of that delicious “beginners luck”, to jump start the flow of synchronicity in their lives, generating self trust and Love consciousness.

There is no distance between whatever our current level of self-expression is and the greatest expression of the Divine.  Love is the unifying factor which transmutes shadows into light and light into ever increasing glory.  This awakening is what I invite each and every person to initiate and to deepen.  Great healing awaits our world.

My Offering

Divine Integration . Divine Stewardship Training

Effortless Rapid Transformation


Learn how to merge with the Divine in you . . . awaken as Divine

Develop experiential trust . . . feel safe again . . . find peace within

Heal past hurt—bypass emotional barriers through surrender

Remove self-doubt—forgive yourself—love yourself truly

Open doors of creativity and self-expression

Awaken the magic in your life

Take it to the next level

There is no limit

Come home to your true self!

Oracle . Intuitive Healer . Awakening Coach

Coming Soon!

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