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Awakening & Breakthrough Sessions

Effortless Rapid Transformation


Open your Divine eyes . . . tell the truth . . . know the Oneness of all beings

Dissolve illusions of suffering . . . effortless healing revelations

Remove self-doubt---embrace yourself---feel safe again

Open doors of creativity and self-expression

Discover the magic of your life

Take it to the next level

There is no limit

“Danielle weaves a sacred web, connecting the mind and resistance of beliefs based in trauma with the emotion of it in the body. Her work allowed easy vulnerability and very specific discovery of core patterns that were no longer serving me.  It was a beautiful, mental, visceral and heart based experience, held in compassion, focus and safety.
So grateful for her and her gifts of seeking and discovery of what is holding us back in our mistaken beliefs, that are ready to shift into something more evolved and true to us now.”
— Janice Laursen LMP Reiki Practitioner

Doily Transparent 400

Come home to your true self!

Oracle . Intuitive Healer . Awakening Coach

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