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If you miss this one thing, you will miss the most important thing about my work and about who I am. You can never be separated from the love of God. The most precious thing I can give you is the knowing that all you wish to recover, reclaim, attain or become is already yours and is there within you now. We do not work to put ourselves together but to uncover the wholeness that is already here.  My passion is to help you to remember this Love that you are. Even if you’ve never felt it during this lifetime, there is always hope to remember what your Spirit cannot forget. Realizing and embracing the “already” completion of Love within you will unlock your mind to witness and apply this truth. The tools and the technologies are gifts of grace to speed you on our way, to bring clarity into the chaos of this journey and to enable you to powerfully embody the rightful expression of the light in your heart.  ~ Olivyea

About Olivyea

Artistic creatrix, composer of songs and oracle of clarifying insights, Olivyea radiates for us a life of creative abundance and connectivity with Source. Her secret weapon is a keen understanding of masculine and feminine energy and the channel of divine knowledge, creativity, freedom of expression and power to change that opens when these two are in alignment. She inspires people to see life from the vantage point of Oneness and the wholeness that already is and to approach reality as the Creator.  Olivyea brings an understanding of how we attune our attention, shifting timelines and dimensions, in order to access all that is readily available to us. She has compassion for our vulnerability as divine creatures embodied on this challenging planet and appreciates the theatrical beauty of all that is unfolding here, even while she interprets the messages we are sending ourselves through these earthly reflections. Work with her to learn new modalities of thinking and percieving, to reclaim your power in the wake of trauma and to bring out the magic in your life.

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Oracle . Creatorship . Awakening

Natural Self Integration
Higher Dimensional Thinking
Masculine/Feminine Energy Alignment
Conscious Parenting / Child Guru Method
Christ Blueprint for Awakening
Extended Body Consciousness

“Olivyea’s sessions are delicious. They are directed towards the heart. I can feel the support of the divine, each time i enter into the space that she welcomes. Its wonderful to be in a session where i am viewed and supported as a main contributor to the process of healing and transformation. It awakens my inner self to serve the space of transformation. I trust in Olivyea’s guidance–her soft and deeply intuitive presence. She asks questions that engage my whole being to slow down and listen to what the divine might want me to know. This supportive environment gives me a place to channel my focus and desire for renewal. The gratitude I have for this community and support is beyond words. I come in from Seattle for Olivyea’s sessions. Its worth the trip to be in her presence and see what miracles unfold.”

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 “Olivyea weaves a sacred web, connecting the mind and resistance of beliefs based in trauma with the emotion of it in the body. Her work allowed easy vulnerability and very specific discovery of core patterns that were no longer serving me.  It was a beautiful, mental, visceral and heart based experience, held in compassion, focus and safety.
So grateful for her and her gifts of seeking and discovery of what is holding us back in our mistaken beliefs, that are ready to shift into something more evolved and true to us now.”
— Janice Laursen LMP Reiki Practitioner

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