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To awaken is to be liberated from identification as the one who has suffered your particular wounds, struggles and limitations and to tell the truth once and for all. To awaken is to always refer back to yourself as the infinite Presence that you are and to allow every response and outward expression to come exclusively from that knowledge.

Some say that awakening can be accomplished through a lifestyle of meditation.  So why are so many who have dedicated themselves to this lifestyle still searching? The reason is that awakening is not an idea or label; nor is it an experience or rite of passage. It is not something that can be gained or found. It is simply knowing and living as who you already are, before all labels, definitions, descriptions, experiences and so on.

There is no practice or process or drug that can take you to awakening. There is no superior being who can declare you “awakened”. To awaken is to tell the truth. It is a choice that you can make right now. Would you like to understand how simple this is? Would you like to throw off the time wasting burdens of spiritual propaganda and cut to the core in every minute? This is my offering. No smoke, no mirrors, just You. In all your infinite glory.

Danielle Olivyea

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Natural Self Integration
Higher Dimensional Thinking
Masculine/Feminine Energy Alignment
Conscious Parenting / Child Guru Method
Christ Blueprint for Awakening
Extended Body Consciousness

Come home to your true self!

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