Lead a Magical Life

1. All your life you’ve been waiting for something magical to happen.

2. You have a craving for spiritual revelations and magical experiences to give life depth and excitement.

3. Despite your spiritual practice and depth of understanding, you’re still craving something more.

4. Your scared you might fool yourself into believing something untrue and aren’t sure how to maintain authenticity in spirituality.

5. You feel an insatiable desire to know yourself and/or deepen your connection with Spirit.

6. You lost your religion but haven’t found your way.

7. You’re not content to go along with the current of society, and may be longing for “home”.

8. You are blessed with certain gifts and abilities and feel you must use them to do some good in the world.

9. Deep down you know that you’re here to do or be part of something extraordinary.

10. The thought of living just an ordinary life terrifies you.

Merge with the Divine in you to awaken your greatest version and lead a magical life!

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