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Is your life sending you clear messages? The Oracle Method is a set of powerful awakening tools that allows you to receive guidance encoded in everyday events that manifest in your world. Now you can have a conversation with your physical world as you intentionally awaken to more of your true self each day.

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What is The Oracle Method?

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What can be accomplished in just ONE session?

* Permanently alter one negative pattern in your life

* Greatly reduce your emotional response to this and similar situations

* Profoundly expand self-awareness and self-love

*Discover your ability to make new choices effortlessly

Just imagine your transformation after 24 sessions!

Danielle Olivyea ChristianGet on the path of guided, rapid transformation!

My name is Danielle Olivyea Christian. I work with people who are passionate about making a difference in our world to quickly rewire negative patterns of thought and emotion, so that empowered, they can better serve humanity and the planet.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, there is probably a healing message waiting to be discovered among the patterns you have woven (manifested) in the world around you:

Do you have a valuable service, message or gift that the world really needs right now but sense that you are standing in the way of your own progress?
Do you catch yourself doing the things your parents did that you said you’d never do?  Are your children doing them too?
Have you worked in futility to overcome persistent emotional patterns?
Are you waiting for the floodgates of creativity, direction or motivation to finally open?
Are you struggling with relationship conflicts that wear on your spirit and use up your energy?
Are you all set to go but something always comes up to prevent you from taking the actions you need and long to take?
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In one on one sessions, we will:

* Permanently alter a negative pattern in your life where progress feels overwhelming or even impossible

* Greatly reduce your negative emotional responses to a persistent situation that has become unavoidably painful

* Open up a whole array of new empowering options as you approach situations that have been stuck in frustration

* Profoundly breakthrough: expanded self-awareness, self-love, freedom, creativity, boldness, direction and/or motivation in one or more areas of your life

* Embody a greater version of yourself effortlessly

* Limited space available

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Danielle Olivyea Christian

Oracle of Human Energies
Intuitive Healer
Breakthrough Coach

I want to share

my journey with you.  It is a path leading from doubt to trust, from fear to love and from pain to joy.  I found order in the chaos and guidance through the dark. I set my intention, not only to free my heart from suffering, but to gain an understanding of how our healing takes place and what assistance is available to us; because I came here to do this: to heal myself and to teach others to do the same.

The best of what I have to offer you is simply the evidence of my life, as one who has suffered greatly and triumphed over her own darkness. And now I know from experience that we are light.  Even in the deepest darkness, we shine.  Please give me the opportunity to work with you and demonstrate that this is true: that every shadow is a game being played in the light; that we are the builders and unravelers of these games; and that Life belongs to us.

Let’s talk about YOUR journey!

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