Danielle Olivyea

Intuitive Healer
Awakening Coach

Lightness of heart…

RED ROSE with jagged edges

 …is knowing the Divine within you
and traversing life in that illumination

You are Divine

...it's time to wake up now

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How much longer will you put off what is most important?

Surrender to
Divine Love

“I will speak to you with the voice of Love…with the voice of your own Soul. I’ll invite you to SURRENDER and I’ll help you to REMEMBER who you are.” – Danielle Olivyea

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Love . Peace . Freedom . Safety

These are already yours.

In order to fully experience love, freedom, peace and safety, you have to love yourself like a child would.  Many things happen to us over the course of a lifetime that take our innocent love away from us. Unaware that we are giving our power and AUTHORITY away, we side with the world against our own freedom and adopt the beliefs of broken people; beliefs born in fear. In our vulnerability, we come to see their doubts and fears as truth and apply those beliefs to our own experiences, which then shape our entire context for life.

It may seem to you that what’s lost is gone forever or that the innocence in this world has already been defeated. You may have a jaded view of yourself and of what degree of joy, peace and love are possible for you. But the MIRACLE of Love is that there is no distance between you and your Divine Self. I’m going to take you on a different kind of journey–on a path that leads within. You don’t have to understand how this is possible, you only have to be willing to surrender to what is already here, which is unchanging and is eternally available and abundant within you.

So gather up your sense of adventure and bring your CHILDLIKE heart.

Come home to your true self

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